Sunday, 7 September 2014

9/11 National Memorial and Museum, NYC

Some snaps from today's visit to 'Ground Zero' in New York where the 9/11 National Memorial and Museum now exist.

The Memorial; its walls engraved with the names of victims
The Museum is adjacent to the Memorial on land previously occupied by one of the destroyed towers. Visitors enter at ground level and then descend underground through a series of escalators, stairs and ramps deep below the surface where previously structural support and service areas for the towers were located. Damaged remnants from the towers are on display along with an extraordinarily comprehensive range of material relating to most aspects of the attacks both within the USA and internationally.

Some photos from inside the Museum.

Steel remnants from a tower
Tower remnants and tributes deep below ground
The descent past further remnants
Steel facade, levels 96-99, North Tower
Stone steps in fire exit used by some survivors
Tribute quilt
Visitors in the centre
South Tower excavation
Remnant of antenna from fallen tower
Elevator motor recovered from site
Damaged fire truck
Crowds at ground zero
The new building on the site constructed to replace the towers is 1 World Trade Center and we have been told it will be officially opened this Thursday, 11 September 2014, the thirteenth anniversary of the 2001 attacks.

1 World Trade Center


  1. It is a curious name for name for the new tower. Do you think it is it a play on 'one world'?

    1. That thought didn't occur to me, Andrew. I just assumed they wanted to retain the previous name (WTC) and that the street number was 1. I didn't notice what street names are used in that large area. There is still construction in the precinct.

  2. Amazing the new building. But this place is so sad.

    1. Brought back shocking memories, Gosia.