Monday, 15 September 2014

So long, farewell....

auf wiedersehen.....oh, wrong song!

Our last full day in NYC yesterday began with brunch at

Corner Cake & Bakery on Madison Avenue
Then we walked down

5th Avenue
to revisit

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The museum lobby
Central American Gallery
Modern Art Gallery
American Wing
Farewell museum
Then we walked down 5th Avenue again to enjoy

Central Park on a sunday
and in the evening, a final dinner at our local Italian restaurant

Ottomanelli Bros
In a few hours we fly out. Cs is flying home to Sydney and I am flying to Helsinki for a couple of days before going on to London.


  1. Victor, what a pity I loved your NYC photos.

    1. Gosia, I'll try to post photos from my other stops in Helsinki, London and Hong Kong.