Tuesday, 16 September 2014


A quick post to advise that I have arrived in Helsinki. It was an overnight flight of about eight hours from New York on Finnair. The service was fine. The aeroplane seemed a bit old and noisy but its descent and landing here were fantastic; so smooth and quiet as though we were gliding in.

The surrounds of Helsinki as viewed from the air are very green with plenty of forest areas and trees. The airport is compact, clean, stylishly modern and ordered. It is also very quiet by international airport standards. I did not hear a single announcement through the entire arrival process.

The baggage carousels have a blue tape surrounding them about one metre out on the floor. Everyone stands behind that tape until their baggage reaches their position before they step forward to pick theirs up. Nothing like the free for all at carousels every else I have travelled.

The drive form the airport to my inner city hotel took about 30 minutes and cost 45 Euro. I noticed an extensive tram network and a variety of tram types. I'll have to be on my toes to capture snaps of them for Andrew whose website I notice has magically acquired a .fi suffix here. I'm not sure how the link will work elsewhere.

OK, I'm off to explore the city.


  1. From my Euro experience, once a blogspot blog gains the initials of a country like that, they stay. I shall forever be Finish. There are worse countries to be associated with. Hi to Marie in London who still has the suffix .nl

    I've never had a rant about baggage carousels, but I should have. There is no need to crowd around the belt. Stand back until you see your case coming. I am liking being Finnish already.

    1. Indeed Andrew, I'd be happy to be Finish too if that meant I looked like many of the men I have seen around town today. They are a very attractive people.

  2. Helsinki is such an amazing city. Hopefully you'll visit Suomenlinna? If you're heading to Stockholm, I have lots of tips :)

    1. James, two hours after settling into my hotel I stumbled across a harbour sightseeing cruise which I believe passed by Suomenlinna and which was pointed out to us from a distance.

      Sweden got many mentions during the cruise commentary. Unfortunately I am not heading that way on this trip. Two nights in Helsinki and then I am off to London.