Thursday, 4 September 2014


Have arrived safely in New York.

I travelled on the overnight - redeye? - flight from Los Angeles. The flight departed precisely on time at 11.30pm. It was scheduled to land at JFK Airport at 8am but in the event we touched down at 7.25am. On disembarkation I walked an eternity through the massive Terminal 8 using the various travelators and escalators to the baggage carousel, waited another period for my bag then walked across to the Air Link train to transfer to Terminal 7 where I faced a two hour wait for Cs who was flying in from Canada after spending a month with his family resident there. His plane also arrived early and we were finally dropped by a shuttle bus at our rented apartment around 11.45am. The landlady was waiting for us at the front door.

A curious thing on the redeye. It was advertised as serving a snack during the flight. Shortly after takeoff the cabin attendant advised that they were not providing menus but we had a choice of three meals; the only one of which I could understand being crumbed chicken. That sounded fine so I elected that meal.

The passenger next me and most of the others immediately reclined their seats and went to sleep. Although I was very tired I tried to stay awake for the meal. I waited and waited but it never came and neither did anyone else's. It occurred to me the order was for the morning as a breakfast meal, although crumbed chicken seemed a strange choice so I decided to follow the lead of the others and go to sleep myself.

We were awakened just forty minutes before landing next the morning and given one cookie and a bottle of peach smoothie. That was it. No mention of the three option meal or the crumbed chicken. I didn't mind because in reality I wasn't really hungry after the excessive meals in Los Angeles but it was strange.

By the way, I'm flying business class. I wonder what the passengers in struggle street class received?

Descent into JFK Airport


  1. Victor beautiful view and fascinating journey. What a huge country the Us is - similar to Europe. Amazing.

    1. So many great places to see in the world, Gosia.

  2. class service in the US seems more akin to economy service in Oz.

    1. Apart from the seating the flight didn't resemble domestic business class flying back home, AdRad