Wednesday, 3 September 2014


I saw 'Felony' last week before departing Australia for my vacation and could have left any comment about it until my return in a month's time but it is such a good film I want to add my recommendation whilst it is newly screening in Australian cinemas.

The film is about police officers and how they pull together when confronted with a problem they would rather not have come to outside notice.

One officer, only just hailed a hero for one operation, faces a dilemma when he becomes involved in an incident that could end his career. There are experienced officers who know only too well how to manage the situation and the characteristic new boy whose persistence to uncover the truth just will not go away.

Although the setting is the police force these behavioural dilemmas are just as valid for any other group of people who share a function or activity.

Don't be discouraged by the apparent stereotype characters I've mentioned above.

This is an intelligent story, beautifully acted. The style of the film may be a little slow - in the way of many great French films, I would add - but I was never bored.

An excellent Australian contemporary drama that deserves to have box office success.

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