Wednesday, 25 June 2014


In real time I haven't posted for a week because friends arrived from interstate to stay for three nights and then we four took a 38 hour cruise up the coast to Brisbane. So I'll catch up on those days with a few short back dated posts starting with this one.

Ll, Fd and Mt were booked to fly in at 9.40pm on of the last domestic arrival flights for last night; Sydney Airport's curfew banning flights (other than freight services) after 11pm. The flight was delayed about tenth minutes and I spent that delay waiting at the McDonalds adjacent to the domestic terminals to avoid the limited and excessively priced parking allowances. Interestingly McDonalds was crowded. I don't know whether the other patrons were also sheltering from the policed parking or  if the restaurant is normally this crowded on a Tuesday evening.

This morning the four of us spent time at Westfield Bondi Junction as both Ll and Mt were looking to purchase shoes. Only Ll found a pair to her liking.

As the shopping expedition was over well before we initially expected we made a spur of the moment of decision to take the train to end of the southern line, Cronulla, as an excursion. The journey from Bondi Junction took about one hour and ten minutes. That is the beauty of being a senior citizen, your $2.50 all day Pensioner Excursion ticket allows this type of unplanned travel without any concerns for cost.

It was a brilliantly sunny day but extremely windy making the temperature seem particularly cold. None of us was familiar with Cronulla and after wandering up and down a few streets in the cold we decided to make our lunch stop a cafe named Charlie Lovett. As cafes go it didn't look remarkable at all and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the meal we received. Ll and I shared a most enjoyable pizza. Fd had an omelette which was like a Pizza in appearance. Mt ordered something vaguely healthy but I can't recall what.

The return journey was about fifty minutes because some of the stops on the way down were bypassed on the return.

Dinner tonight was at Una's, an essential visit for Ll and Fd whenever they stay with me because they love the European menu and giant servings. Of course we ate too much. We always do when we eat there.


  1. Victor, Holy cow. I miss your blog so much. Now I am satisfied because it is interesting and I ca read it and I have summer vacation so much time for reading. Nice you have had friends at home. Have a great time

    1. Thanks Gosia, enjoy your vacation!