Thursday, 26 June 2014

Visitors day 2

This morning I took my three house guests to Bronte for breakfast. Actually the there of them all had some breakfast and then a second go when we selected a cafe. I was the only one to show rare discipline and wait until we reached the cafe before eating anything.

On previous breakfasts there we have noticed local actors at other tables. Ll and Mt were hoping we see some more this time around and although one patron looked vaguely familiar I think it was wishful thinking that it was someone famous. All four of us ordered eggs of some sort' mine were scrambled.

I then drove them over to Centennial Park to walk off some of the food we had consumed over the previous 12 hours but only Mt walked with me. It was windy again today and so felt much cooler than the official temperature.

When we returned Ll and Fd, the latter informed me he had made an appointment to make a business call in Rosehill this afternoon. Rosehill is located about 30 kilometres away in western suburbs of Sydney and I am not very familiar with the area. However I know of Bicentennial Park which is located about a 20 minutes drive from that suburb. So, I drove us over to that park for a second go at a walk and a drink stop and we then used the GPS to locate Fd's meeting place.

Traffic in Sydney's west is horrendous and the other three's eyes were popping at just how slow the journey proved. We dropped FD off at his meeting and left him to find his own way back to my place (three train trips and a walk). He managed very well and was back in time for tonight's dinner arrangements, a Thai meal at Thai Nesia.

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