Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cruise day 3

It is a bit rich to call this day 3 of the cruise given that we berthed at Brisbane at 6am and were off the ship before 8am.

There was some confusion as to the time we had available for breakfast and also when we had to vacate our cabins mostly because of a misreading of the written instructions. Who got that wrong? Oh right, that would be me. However as Fd left all the research to me he can scarcely complain about the result.

Actually we weren't disadvantaged in any way. We got to eat an unhurried full breakfast in our preferred dining room and we weren't evicted from our cabins. We departed on our terms and were still ahead of the advertised schedule.

Cy and Rs offered to collect us from the wharf and we took refuge from the wind in an adjacent fish cafe until they arrived. It seems an odd place to wait at breakfast time but there were other by now former passengers amongst the early morning worker patrons so we did not feel out of place.

We spent a couple of hours over morning coffee once we reached Ll's home. Her husband Fd had rushed off to perform some Sunday work. An urgent call out to replace a steam valve. (All 'double dutch' to me.)

Then it was time for Mt to drive back to Ballina (a three hours trip) to collect her dog from the vacation kennel. Ll gave me a lift to the airport. My flight was booked for 2.25pm but as I was early I managed to get on the 1.25pm flight. I was home by 3.30pm and into my first load of the week's laundry.

The cruise was short but enjoyable. I hope to do more.

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