Saturday, 28 June 2014

Cruise day 2

We are at sea.

It is just as windy here as it has been in Sydney and so too cold for sunning on the open decks although some hardy souls are rugged up and braving the conditions.

Following breakfast we had a go at Bingo, the first of two sessions with a guaranteed jackpot prize by day's end of at least $2,000. We also attended the second session when the jackpot was won.

Passengers assembling of bingo

The jackpot was won by a passenger celebrating her 50th birthday and was over $4,300. We didn't win a cent.

This afternoon we sat in on an art auction that was more entertainment than real auction. Only a few items seem to be seriously for sale; the rest were passed in at what appears to be a 'simulated' auction.

The auctioneer is cute although mostly incomprehensible with his fast talking American accented style of speaking.

Tonight we attended one of the shows, this one featuring Nathan Foley who used to be a member of he High 5 television show aimed at kiddies. Nathan sang a program of rock and roll numbers over the years and his energetic performance was well received.

Earlier in the evening we participated in a music trivia quiz which focussed on the 1980s. We performed miserably mostly guessing our 8 correct answers out of the 30 or so questions. It just wasn't our era.

We finished the night listening (or attempting to listen) to a band play Motown music. The songs were great but the band, who appeared to be Indonesian, played very loudly partly masking what seemed to be occasionally out of tune singing. My ears were ringing at the end and my balance seemed affected for a while afterwards. The excessive volume didn't faze a host of passengers (all but two of them women) who hopped onto the dance floor and who danced enthusiastically to the band's playing.