Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Other Woman

One of the funniest things about 'The Other Woman' occurred before the movie with a number of older women purchasing tickets for it at the box office in the mistaken belief they were seeing the Charles Dickens art house biopic 'The Invisible Woman'. What a surprise awaited them.

'The Other Woman' is certainly no work of Dickens. A forty-something lawyer is dating a businessman who she discovers to be a philanderer. The film then sets about showing how the women  he has misled set about seeking their revenge.

This is comedy at its basest with outcomes you can see coming from a mile away yet it has its moments especially in its second half. A very large Easter holiday female dominated audience responded happily to the events in the movie; Dickens or not.

I found a couple of the female characters to be especially irritating but otherwise went along with the mindless enjoyment one feels when revenge is successfully exacted.

Definitely not for the art house set.

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