Friday, 3 January 2014

The Gilded Cage (La Cage Doree)

Anyone who is a first or second generation member of an immigrant family will most likely have an affinity for 'The Gilded Cage'; the story of a Portuguese family in France. A family death leads to an inheritance that requires their return to Portugal but other family members, friends and associates all have an interest in preventing their departure.

This is a gentle, delightful comedy of cultures, manners and family behaviour. There are some lovely images and humorous set pieces mostly set around food and the eating thereof.



  1. Again, a movie that I've not heard of here in France. I really need to pay more attention! We have a sizable Portuguese population here where I live and consequently get some Portuguese food items in our local stores. I noticed two names in the cast: Roland Giraud (71) and Nicole Croisille (77). Two old and well known French show biz personalities.

    1. wcs, the film is mostly set in Paris and the impression it gives is that there is a sizeable Portuguese presence especially in the concierge and construction fields.

      The Aussie holiday audience at my session really enjoyed this low key comedy.