Saturday, 25 January 2014

Physio first

When we were cruising New Zealand before Christmas one of my fellow travellers, Ba, mentioned how she had received relief from some episodes of vertigo and imbalance when she visited a Physiotherapy Clinic local to both our residences.

I've been experiencing similar difficulties on a recurring basis for over four years ever since suffering some ear damage during a flight into Sydney following my 60th birthday. In that period the doctors treating me had the opinion that there was no particular treatment to clear me of the problems which would eventually clear themselves and that I should just be patient until that happened.

After returning from the cruise and with episodes of mild vertigo and imbalance continuing I decided to try the Clinic used by Ba.

I had my first consultation this week. I showed the Physiotherapist scans that were taken of my neck and spine from the Doctors' consultations. The Physiotherapist observed tightness in my neck and she carried out some manipulation to work on that condition. I can't describe what she did other than to post the following picture which looks a bit like what I felt she was doing to me.

Her fingers poked into my neck, at times applying considerable pressure and at other times appearing to do little more than supporting my head.

Afterwards I felt different. I felt a more alert and I was immediately encouraged that her work to loosen my neck could be helpful to address the episodes.

Then I made the mistake of Googling 'neck manipulation' and found references to a link between manipulation and occurrences of stroke. The occurrences, admittedly, are quite low and seemingly not much different from the rate of occurrences in the community generally. I really should avoid consulting Doctor Google.

Anyway, seventy-two hours after the Physio's initial treatment I continue to feel improvement in my condition. I shall be going back for my second treatment.


  1. There are some absolute horror stories about chiropractors, but not many generally about physiotherapists. I was very impressed when I had physio for the first time last year. Pity I did not keep up the recommended exercises.

    1. It is early days Andrew but I have confidence from my first exposure to a physiotherapist.