Sunday, 26 January 2014

Oz Day

Skyworks in Perth

Today is Australia Day.

The date marks the arrival of the First Fleet from Britain in 1788 to establish a settlement at Sydney Cove in Britain's name and the raising of the Union flag by Governor Arthur Phillip.

Given that Aborigines had already occupied the land for upwards of 40,000 years the celebration remains a matter for contention however most of the 21st Century occupants of the country take the opportunity to celebrate their good fortune to be citizens here.

The country is not perfect by any means - is there a country in the world that is perfect? - some present day attitudes and Government policies leave something to be desired.

The bottom line is there is nowhere else I'd rather live than here.

So, happy Australia Day everyone.


  1. Happy Australia Day! As you know, we Americans have the same kind of issue when Columbus Day comes around. All that stuff about "discovering" America, which was home to a significant population of diverse peoples at the time...

    1. Thanks Walt, interesting how the same issues arise in many countries.