Sunday, 26 May 2013

Guys and Dolls

The Waverley Lugar Brae Players are an amateur group who stage musicals. Their longevity, celebrating 54 years this year, is impressive. It's been years since I attended one of their productions and this year Cs and I went to see their 2013 presentation, 'Guys and Dolls'.

I'm not sure what aspirations the participants have for a theatre career or their level of experience but judging purely from what we saw last Sunday my guess is that most are enthusiastic amateurs.

The lass who played the role of Adelaide was the standout amongst performers who otherwise generated a level of entertainment without achieving sustained professional standards.

The audience seemed to be stacked with friends and relatives of the participants some of whom may not be accustomed to attending mainstream theatre. This could account for the level of restlessness and inattention from the auditorium including the gentleman sitting next to Cs who decided to play games on his tablet during the performance. Needless to say, this greatly distracted and inflamed Cs who had words with said audience member at the interval.

Amateur the production might be, but the quality of the book and music of this classic musical still shone through.


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