Friday, 16 September 2011


A coming of age film, this time from Wales. Schoolboy Craig Roberts spends an alarming amount of time dressed in a heavy long coat pursuing classmate Yasmin Paige. Their developing relationship is as clumsy as that of most teens. Roberts attempts an adult inspired style of wining and dining Paige although his adult models for relationships are less than helpful. His parents, who he spies on assiduously, haven't had sex for seven months and his new age teaching neighbour's relationship with his partner seems to verge on the occult.

I had some difficulty focusing on this film, even nodding off a number of times through the screening. The slightly sing song Welsh accent of the softly spoken lead character lulled me into sleepland at points. I don't think I missed too much although I'm not certain what happened in a key scene because another patron chose that moment to noisily open and consume a sandwich drowning out the soundtrack for several minutes.

What I did see (and hear) was intermittently humorous.

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