Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Eye of the Storm

In 1970s Australia wealthy, widowed matriarch Charlotte Rampling has an unspecified terminal illness. Her adult children, Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis return from their overseas homes to be by their mother's side in her final days.

Both Rampling's children are titled; Rush knighted by Britain for his acting and the divorced Davis retaining her former husband's archaic French title. Both feign a wealth they do not possess. In reality they rely on the occasional handouts from their mother.

The expectations of forthcoming inherited wealth are probably high. Also in the mix, perhaps with expectations of their own, are a long standing family lawyer, a cook/housekeeper traumatised from surviving the Holocaust and two home nurses.

The Eye of the Storm is adapted from a novel by Patrick White. I haven't read the novel and had an expectation this film would be dour and heavy going. To my delight the contrary is the case. The film is interesting, humorous and dramatic without being unpleasant.

The acting is excellent with Davis a standout.

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