Monday, 27 June 2011

Oranges and Sunshine

In 1986 a Social Worker in Britain becomes aware of the 'deportation' to Australia of hundreds of children in the years following World War 2. At first she is disbelieving but when she learns that such movements did occur and that the children involved were misled regarding the existence of their birth parents and siblings she embarks on a project to identify the children, by then adults, and where the parties are agreeable to reunite them with surviving family members in Britain.

The authorities (Government and religious) are uncooperative and unwilling to accept responsibility for the horrendous treatment and experiences of the children but the Social Worker presses on in the face of this opposition and threats to her own life and safety.

The subject matter and fine acting by the cast members make this a fairly dour film but being based on true situations, as the film is, the story is an important message and reminder for today's generations.


  1. So if you know the story already, maybe not worth seeing?

  2. Andrew, the film is well acted but if you know about these events then you probably won't get much else from it.