Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Absent without leave

Mk and I have tickets for tonight's performance of 'Terminus' part of our subscription series with the Sydney Theatre Company.

Mk has missed several performances in the past year all at the last moment either because he felt unwell or on one occasion because he was overseas and had forgotten to check his diary for the programming. Each time I continued on alone to the performance as he had given me insufficient notice to invite someone else to take his place. Even with sufficient notice, organising a replacement is a bit of a chore unless Mk passes his ticket on to me. Without his ticket I have to convince the STC to issue a new ticket to me which they have done in the past but only after tedious explanations.

Moments ago Mk text me to say he won't be coming tonight. He feels a cold coming on plus he has day surgery scheduled tomorrow morning. In those circumstances I probably wouldn't feel up to it either. Never mind I thought, I'll just go on my own as previously and then immediately I had second thoughts. It is cold tonight and showers are forecast and I have had late night after late night for the past week with yet another late night at bridge tomorrow.

Yes, you guessed it, the excuses just piled up. I'm going to give the play a miss too, the first time I have done so without the cause being an unexpected medical emergency. (I missed two plays years ago when my parents were rushed to A&E respectively following an accident/sudden illness.)

A light meal of tomato soup with pasta and a night beside the heater watching television is my unexpected and new plan for this evening.

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