Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sydney to Dubai and Prague

Unfortunately I've had much more difficulty with internet access on my trip so far than any of the advertising suggested. Actually the advertising never mentioned any difficulties. It has taken me until May 25 and our arrival in Budapest to get onto the net and even then with difficulty and restrictions one of which is an inability so far to download any photos for you.

So I'll prepare brief postings and download them (when I can) to the applicable date.

Our two flights (Sydney to Dubai and Dubai to Prague) were mostly uneventful and thankfully achieved without delay. The transfer to Dubai at before 6am was chaotic. So many people in the most enormous terminal, we found it difficult to find anywhere to sit and rest before our connecting flight. On the second leg we flew directly over Baghdad which seen from a height of 40,000 feet appeared serene and provided no visual sense of the turmoil it is experiencing.

Our eventual arrival at our art deco hotel adjacent to the old city in Prague after over 30 hours of travel was a relief. The tour leader greeted us and briefed a group of about 60 of us who had arrived, some from the same flight, and took us on an impromptu one hour orientation walk by which time I was dead on my feet and ready for an early night.

Thankfully I slept well and was ready for the start of our trip when I awoke.

More later.

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