Sunday, 22 May 2011


We spent a lot of time on our feet today, although the day started with a bus trip through Prague and up the hill of the old city to Prague Castle, formerly the home of royalty and now the offices of the President of the Czech Republic. The location is a series of grand buildings many of them over 500 years old set around squares and cobble stoned open spaces. Large numbers of tour groups jostled for space in surprising heat as we each criss crossed the historic spaces.

We stopped to watch the ceremonial changing of the guard - not exactly Buck House stuff with two guards changing places with two others - but fun in it's own way. From the heights of the Castle we made our way down the hill through the delightful laneways and winding streets of the old city. It seemed that every tourist and Prague resident was out in the sun many filling the countless outdoor cafes.

We crossed the Charles Bridge packed from edge to edge and end to end with sightseers and containing various souvenier stalls. We were pretty exhausted after the walk of nearly four hours.

Following a short break we reconvened at the Municipal House on the edge of the old city for a tour of the premises followed by coffee and cake in it's attached cafe. The House is an exotically decorated cultural and activities centre built at the turn of the 20th Century. I had to admire the tremendous skill in it's construction and decoration but I have to say I'm not an admirer of it's particular and varied range of styles.

In the evening we participated in a welcome dinner, the first as it turned out of delicious meals, with far too much to eat and cakes, cakes, cakes to finish.

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