Monday, 2 May 2011

A man and his dongle

I suppose it is a sign of an adolescent male mind to find amusement in the term 'dongle'. Call me adolescent then. Well, I'm a gay male so small things with remote sexual overtones amuse me. Interestingly Wikipedia reports that 'The Monty Python Flying Circus' episode It's the arts contains the pseudo-German proper noun fragment dingle-dangle-dongle and it's possible the physical dangling out of the device inspired the consonant name'. Yes, a male mind.

Anyway I'm off to enquire about dongles and related wireless matters in preparation for graduating belatedly from desktop PC to wireless laptop facilities. I always embark on these enquiry expeditions full of hope and usually return with bowed head cowered by the onslaught of techno babble from spotty faced teenage salesmen. Where oh where is the kindly motherly type to protectively marshall me through the dangerous waters of modern technology?

Wish me luck.


  1. When you return with your dongle and plug it in, every thing could just go very smoothly, or it may not. My dongle caused me to lose part of my life.

  2. How prescient of you, Andrew. When I arrived home with my new toys and set them up the dongle would not work. I called the Tech section and after a series of tests they concluded the SIM card was dead. Take it back to the store they said and get a replacement, which I did. Got home with the replacement and tried it and it did not work either. This time Techie said the SIM was invalid. Profuse apologies followed and Techie arranged for a third to be sent to me express mail. In the meantime I learnt from Telstra that my iPhone works as a wireless modem. I tried it and what do you know it worked! I've been walking around with a dongle in my pants all along!!

    I'm converting this into a post now.