Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I found my dongle

For any readers who may be wondering how I got on with my enquiries about dongles I reproduce here my response to Andrew in the previous posting.

How prescient of you, Andrew. When I arrived home with my new toys and set them up the dongle would not work. I called the Tech section and after a series of tests they concluded the SIM card was dead. Take it back to the store they said and get a replacement, which I did. Got home with the replacement and tried it and it did not work either. This time Techie said the SIM was invalid. Profuse apologies followed and Techie arranged for a third to be sent to me express mail. In the meantime I learnt from Telstra that my iPhone works as a wireless modem. I tried it and what do you know it worked! I've been walking around with a dongle in my pants all along!!

Dongle envy

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  1. Err yes. I suppose you can use your Iphone. I hope I did not put the mozz on you.