Friday, 19 November 2010

Wild Target

A hitman is engaged to kill a female art swindler but the two end up teaming together with a young bystander to battle a motley group of hoodlums and standover merchants.
The befuddled assassins of 'Wild Target' are a very different kettle of fish from the dour and silent assassins of 'The American'.

The British seem to delight in murderous comedies and this reamke of a French original is their latest in the genre. Despite a high body count and plenty of improbable silliness I found this an enjoyable romp from start to finish.

I must have blinked at a crucuial moment and missed the explanation or maybe I'm naive but can anyone tell me why Emily Blunt asks each man how much he weighs before she seduces him?


  1. Perhaps it is like public transport, a crush load.

  2. Andrew - that was my initial thought too but then I wondered whether some other less crass explanation was going to be revealed.