Saturday, 20 November 2010

A cut out of the ordinary

When I buy meat I usually go to the butcher in my nearby shopping centre at Edgecliff. It is part of a chain of butchers where meat is on display in long counters with the customer on one side of the counter and the butchers on the other. All pretty typical.

A few minutes further afield from this local shopping centre is the more up market, hence pricier, shopping 'village' at Queen Street, Woollahra. I tend not to shop there apart from the take away food establishments. Until today I had never set foot inside the butchery there, the one that goes by the name Victor Churchill. Just the look of it sends tremors through my wallet.
This butchery does not stoop to displaying actual meat in it's window nor does it display any of the other goods for sale inside. The only things on display are various food awards the establishment has won.
Butchers work behind spotlessly clear full height glass walls cutting carcasses and creating sausages.
Further along, and still behind full height glass walls, carcasses and bundles of sausages hang by hooks and do a merry circuit of the work area.
Meanwhile customers wait to purchase meat and other goods artfully displayed in refrigerated cabinets.

All very pretty but I'll stick to buying my mince from Edgecliff.


  1. While I love a good bit of meat, perhaps a vegetarian warning would be appropriate.

  2. I went to this shop a few months ago. I agree, it's amazing.

  3. A little to up-market for me. You know what you're paying for. And a display of awards? Well, that's ok, but not in the front window!

    I'd stick to a good traditional butcher. They're expensive enough without having to also pay for the fancy location and decor... and the awards.