Saturday, 9 October 2010


If it were not for my absolute certainty that I would suffer an horrific, if not fatal, attack of claustrophobia I would apply to be 'Buried' alive with hunky Ryan Reynolds.
The unfortunate Reynolds plays an American civilian aid driver who awakens gagged and bound and buried in a coffin after his convoy is attacked in Iraq. He has only a mobile phone and a lighter with which to secure his release.

It is no mean feat to make a 95 minutes long film set entirely inside the confines of a dark coffin with the only visible performer trapped on his back but this Spanish production, made in English, does so brilliantly. I would think an American production would be constrained to achieve the appallingly mostly plausible story conveyed here.

This is not light entertainment nor a film for those seeking a lift in their spirits but if you want drama in the setting of the news of the day then this movie provides it.

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