Monday, 7 June 2010

The Wharf

In 1984, The Wharf Theatre opened as the home for the Sydney Theatre Company in the renovated Pier 4/5 which had operated as a shipping wharf from 1919. The majority of the Company's productions that I attend are staged in the two theatres built inside the old pier. The Sydney Theatre Company occupies the upper levels whilst the Sydney Dance Company has a home for its rehearsal rooms and a cafe in the lower levels.
Advertising for the two companies at the front entrance.


  1. I love walking down those solid timbers of the wharf itself, preferably in a pair of dressish shoes with wooden heels which make a satisfyingly solid contact whith them [the timbers, that is}.

  2. Marcellous - I know what you mean. I also enjoy looking at the posters and photographs from past productions that line the walls.