Monday, 19 April 2010

I could have wept... fact I did!
There I was lunching at Wild Sage in Cammeray with friends last Saturday when I felt what seemed like some drops of sweat on my chest. It wasn't hot and I didn't feel as though I was sweating but I wiped the damp from my chest and thought nothing more about it.

Half an hour later, one of our group pointed at new marks on my shirt and asked was I bleeding? Curious I thought, as I looked again at my chest and then noticed some discharge from beneath the bandage protecting my recent wide excision. It didn't look like blood but it seemed the wound was now weeping.

I took myself off to an after hours Medical Centre where the Doctor confirmed my wound had become infected. He prescribed antibiotics for the next week and the nurse rebandaged me so tightly that I look like the invisible man.


  1. That's a bugger Victor. I hope it clears up quickly.

  2. You're probably a little run down with everything else that's gone on in your life recently. Hope you're resting up Victor.