Monday, 15 March 2010

Green Zone

In 2003, the Americans are in Iraq. If there is a coalition of the willing in there with them in 'Green Zone' then I missed any reference to them.

However American Army Chief Warrant Officer Matt Damon is there and as Damon is wont to do he is behaving heroically. Damon has led his team to a series of sites were they have been assured Weapons of Mass Destruction - or 'the WMD', as they always refer to them - are located. But no trace of 'the WMD' is ever found. Damon senses a rat and in true Hollywood fashion he goes after Iraqi General Mohammad Al Rawi - the Jack of Clubs in President George W Bush's pack of wanted Iraqis - who Damon believes can reveal the truth of 'the WMD', the pretext for the Americans' action in Iraq.

What makes the story interesting is that the principal game in town is not so much the battle between the Americans and the Iraqis but rather the battle within the American machine itself.

As is his style, Damon is courageous to the point of being foolhardy and is never deterred regardless of how stacked are the odds against him.

This is an action film on uppers. I cannot recall a film with more action in it. Actually there is a scarcely a moment's relief from the action from opening to closing credits. And, it is very skillfully laid on. I don't know how accurate it's portrayal is but the images of war, politics and life in Iraq and the Green Zone looked very convincing to me.

As a footnote, if anyone ever asks you where Mohammad Al Rawi afraid...very afraid. In this film no-one ever survives that question!

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