Wednesday, 24 February 2010

'I was sitting by the phone, I was waiting all alone'*

(* 'Ring, Ring' by Anderson, Stig;Andersson, Benny Goran Br;Ulvaeus, Bjoern K.;Luis, Enrique)
I can't complain about unsolicited calls when I haven't put my number on the Do Not Call register and in reality I'm not at home enough to be bothered by them. On the few occasions I do get caught I usually cut the call short with a polite 'I'm not interested, thank you' followed immediately with me disconnecting the call.

Using this strategy yesterday I missed an opportunity to place my displeasure on the record. A certain bank ('which bank', for Aussie readers) having sent through the mail an unsolicited invitation to take out insurance followed this with an unsolicited phone call on the same matter which the caller promptly informed me was being recorded 'for training purposes'.

As usual, I expressed my lack of interest and disconnected the call but immediately realised what I should have done. So, I'll do now what I wish I'd done then.

Me: 'Can I confirm that this call is being recorded?'
Caller: 'Yes, it is'.
Me: 'Thank you. I can assure you that unsolicited mail does not endear me to your bank and unsolicited telephone calls will not win me over either. I'm sure that is sufficent information for your records. Good night'.

I feel better now.

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