Saturday, 20 December 2008

What a sales act...

I rarely watch mid-morning weekday television.

You know the sort of program they screen then. Jolly human interest stories about celebrities, fashion and gossip filling in the gaps between commercials dressed up as conversations between a presenter and the spokesperson for whatever is being spruiked at the time. These can be anything from lotions that magically remove hair from unmentionable parts of the body to pills that extend your and your partner' to home computers that will turn your child into a genius at the age of three.

So it came as a surprise to me when I did watch twenty minutes of Channel 7's version of this 'entertainment' during the week when the spokesperson spruiking women's makeup was none other than Courtney Act.

There she was in full drag, with the most beguiling of sexy feminine voices, extolling the virtue of some brand or other.

The conversation was supported by a series of before and after photographs of a number of women concluded hilariously by a before and after view of Courtney herself.

The before view was, of course, a photograph of Courtney's alter ego, Shane Jenek, looking - in my opinion - extremely handsome and far prettier than Courtney. The conversation/commercial concluded with Courtney landing a lipstick smudging kiss on the cheek of the male presenter.

The commercial was a rare example of wit in the pantheon of mid-morning television.


  1. Wow, good on Courtney for landing that gig! I think thats hilarious and a nice change of pace from the usual garbage infomercials!

  2. I have seen Courtney out of drag before and thought he was quite cute. It was some time ago and he would have been younger of course.

  3. Spruiking? Wow, what a colorful language we share. How do you pronounce it? I'll have to ask one of my Aussie acquaintances in France to say it for me one day.

    Of course, I've never heard of Shane/Courtney. But I wish I had. He sure is a cutie!

  4. wcs - 'spruik'

    spruik [ sprook ] (past and past participle spruiked, present participle spruik·ing, 3rd person present singular spruiks)

    intransitive verb


    (Australia) promote: to promote goods, services, or a cause by addressing people in a public place ( humorous )

    [Early 20th century. Origin ?]

  5. I very love him...Ifeel like i want to marry him so much..!!!!

  6. She(he) is so sexy n pretty..her(his) BOOBS is so big!!!! when i meet him someday i will kisses her so many2 times..i`m her fanatic..LOVE YOU COURTNEY....!!!!(^_^)

  7. I think she is more prettier than real crazy..,but a question,were she(he) is really a GAY?if that true she have to do a transgender surgery,cutting his penis n everythings to make him a real 100% women/ladies....and then she can marry a man that she love then make a lots of baby as hot\cute as she are......>>SHE IS MY IDOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!>>:-p