Sunday, 21 December 2008

This is movement...

(Pablo Picasso, Guernica 1937)

Yesterday I watched This Is Civilisation, a history of Western modern art presented by Matthew Collings.

It was an interesting program except for the fact that it made me feel sea sick. Not because it was set on water nor that much, if any, water was featured. Collings seemed unable to stand still. He paced backwards and forwards across works of art and when not criss-crossing art he strode purposefully through gallery after gallery or down long colonnaded walkways. He was like the Duracell battery.

I thought that with all this ceaseless walking he should have the build of a marathon runner. Yet he appeared to have a stocky, almost heavy, build. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, he was constantly short of breath.

Next time I watch a program with Collings in it, I must insist that an oxygen tank is on standby.

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  1. I just he would be English. Pacing like barrister summing up to a jury.