Thursday, 14 August 2008

Those smooth swimmers...

(Australian swimmer - Eamon Sullivan)

Those swimmers always look great at the Olympics. Lean bodies, gorgeous smiles and healthy good looks.

Watching them must be like taking an elixir for those who are lovers of smooth men. The swimmers shave their bodies to maximise their speed through the water and I have often wondered whether that is a total shave (pubic hair, cracks and all) or just those parts of their body that are exposed. I imagine that they do.

Do you know?


  1. And doncha just hate those all-body swim suits the guys are wearing these days? I mean, really. Bring back the speedos!

  2. I am a swimmer, and I can tell you that every hair you shave is a gain in speed, because water gives plenty of resistance. The swimmer can choose to shave the pubic hair etc. cause even when wearing a swimming suit, it has resistance, it's kinda weird right xD, good thing that they banned full body swimsuits now, we can only wear from the waste to the knee.