Wednesday, 13 August 2008

"And the Gold Medal for the Guess Which Bit Is Real Challenge goes to..."

It seems I have good reason to consider that the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony lacked a degree of spontaneity.

First we learnt that the 'footprint' fireworks seen on television were simulated animations. And now we are told that the little girl in red who sang in the ceremony was miming her singing to another girl's voice. The real singer was replaced shortly before the ceremony because a member of the Party Leadership felt she wasn't pretty enough.

Can it be too long before the conspiracy theorists who question the events of 9/11 and the 1969 moon landing question whether the Olympics are actually happening in Beijing at all?

And whilst we ponder that, I this blog real at all?


  1. The crazies touting that there was no lunar mission have been saying that the footage from 1969 was shot at MGM studios.
    Also remember that the nutcase running for the US. Republican Presidential nominee this year, Mike Huckabee, admitted his belief that the earth is only 5000 years old, and so it isn't much of a stretch that he may also believe that it's flat, too.

  2. Can you imagine the complex that poor child is going to develop, having been told at the very last minute that she's 'not pretty enough' for the world to see?

  3. Victor:

    I think you misinterpreted what I said on skeptigirl. Clarification of what I meant:
    The hoaxers say NASA faked the moon landing; I am saying that isn't plausible because simulating vacuum, moon dust, etc. altogether is wholly more complicated than just sending them straight to the moon.

    Therefore, I was *not* accusing the moon landing (rather, "defending" it in an overly complicated sentence). In addition, your comment was rather unrelated to my blog post and there was a link in it, so it was a centimeter away from being deleted as spam (but I didn't).

    In any case, thanks for leaving the comment.


    "Hi, Freiddie
    I put something against your moon landing accusations, some terrible guys think it is all about hoax!
    I love you all boys

  4. It's obvious they were all digital. There is no way mere humans could have built those facilities, the water cube etc. We couldn't even manage to do the Pyramids without alien help :-)

  5. Freiddie - The message you have responded to which purports to have come from this blogger is fraudulent. I did not send it. - Victor