Monday, 11 August 2008

City Homicide

I am a recent convert to City Homicide on the Seven network. I didn't see any episodes from Series 1 and therefore probably have missed some crucial background information on the characters but I am enjoying quite a bit of what I see in Series 2.

The story lines are sufficiently complex to lift them above the mundane and make them interesting and the photography adds to the mood.

Some aspects irritate though. The cast exchange too many meaningful glances for my liking. Once an episode would be reasonable but half a dozen or more is overkill. And what's with Aaron Pedersen SHOUTING all his lines? Does Aaron think I am going deaf? Well, in fact I am, but I have a volume control on my remote to deal with that.

Worth a look nonetheless.


  1. I have seen some of both series and I enjoy it. I find Pedersen's character very annoying though.

  2. You hit the nail on the head. The 'meaningful' glances and over acting pis not my cup o' tea. They film a lot of it in my neighborhood - Andrew (not the one above!) starts panting whenever we see Daniel McPherson in the street!!