Friday, 24 August 2018

The passing parade of PMs

We have a new Prime Minister. There was a time when this was an era changing event. In 1949 when I was only six months old Robert Menzies became Australia's Prime minister for the second time. He resigned the position in February 1966 when I was sixteen years old.

Robert Menzies speaking to striking miners

Imagine that. I was sixteen years old and for all but six months of my life I had known only one Prime Minister.

In the past eleven years of my life there have been six changes of Prime Minister. Six! John Howard lost at election replaced by Kevin Rudd. Rudd usurped by his own party replaced by Julia Gillard. Gillard usurped by her own party replaced by the returning Rudd. Rudd lost at election replaced by Tony Abbott. Abbott usurped by his own party replaced by Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull usurped by his own party replaced by Scott Morrison.

In my lifetime I have twice been a constituent in the Prime Minister's own electorate. First I was a constituent of Prime Minister William McMahon in the electorate of Lowe.

William McMahon talking to Corporal Colin King
McMahon was 'a confirmed bachelor' until he married at the age of 57. No conclusions drawn from this photograph.

Lately, indeed until today, I have been a constituent of Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull in the electorate of Wentworth.

Malcolm Turnbull
By coincidence McMahon, Turnbull and I all attended the same school; Sydney Grammar School.


  1. You being a wise 'old boy' should have given Malcolm some sound advice. Great photo of Billy and the soldier. I've not seen it before.

    1. I don't think Malcolm is the listening type Andrew. The McMahon photo tells more than one story doesn't it!

  2. I remember having quite the crush on Billy's actor son, Julian (Danii Minogue's ex).

  3. Oh yes, Ad Rad, he was pretty nice.