Saturday, 28 July 2018

App tracking

I download Apps to my smart phone and tablet on a whim. Some, like NextThere, which tells me when a bus I'm waiting for is due, are very useful. Others, that I won't name, prove useless and remain unloved on my devices until eventually I delete them.

One of my loved Apps is FlightRadar24 which tracks commercial flights all over the world and provides me with hours of mindless entertainment when I am in the mood.

I see various flight paths to/from Sydney Airport from my apartment and often will open the App to identify passing planes and their routes.

Occasionally, like yesterday, I monitor a particular flight carrying friends. Cz and Cw flew to Vancouver yesterday and on and off for the best part of 12 hours I checked the passage of their flight. From ascent, I watched whilst the plane was still low over Sydney inner suburbs. Hours later after a cinema visit I tuned back in to see them somewhere over the South Pacific Ocean. Another couple of hours later and their flight was passing by the Hawaiian Islands and later still, at my bedtime, the west coasts of the United States and Canada appeared on screen as the flight was within 90 minutes of arrival at Vancouver.

You can do all this for free.


  1. Also one of my favorites. I like to track friends, and Ken, when they fly. It's very cool.

  2. I didn't know there was an app although I I've watched it on the desktop
    I will download it once home.

    1. I think if there is a similar App for trams you'd be on to it like a shot.

  3. There is a feature on the app where you can hold the phone up to the sky and it shows you where the planes are. :)

    When my parents did that Vancouver flight, they vanished for a good few hours out in the middle of the ocean. Having watched flights do that before I was ok with it but if I didn't know I might have had a little panic.

    If you like your planes, there is nothing better than sitting in the cafe at Ikea Tempe with the app on the phone and watching everything come in to land with swedish meatballs or coffee and a snack. :) They fly right over the carpark and there are huge windows to look out of..