Friday, 16 February 2018

Oh, Malcolm

Our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, doesn't have much luck, does he? Just when at long last, after numerous failing Polls, one Poll showed the minutest of turns in his favour, his own Coalition Partner, Barnaby Joyce, throws an almighty spanner into his works.

But is it just bad luck? Hasn't Turnbull shown poor judgement numerous times over his political career. A bit like Joyce himself really. Both seem to have appealing qualities and attitudes at least on the surface but then both undermine the goodwill their supporters might harbour towards them by their words and actions. And they do it, time and again. Turnbull, in particular, loves the sound of his own opinions and often expresses them in long winded, meandering monologues.

Instead of remaining a dignified figure above the seemingly grubby behaviour of his coalition partner, Turnbull decided to deliver a sermon to ram home to the electorate Joyce's failings. In so doing he injected himself into the mud pit and gave Joyce's National Party an excuse to rally around their embattled, undeserving leader.

Oh Malcolm, you don't learn do you?