Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Fifty Shades Freed

I should have known better than to see 'Fifty Shades Freed'. I couldn't finish reading Fifty Shades of Grey the puerile, appallingly poorly written book that started this series of tales about the Billionaire Christian Grey and his kinky, chauvinistic, sadistic domination of women.

The film of that first book was as awful as the source. I missed seeing the second film but went to see this third film on a sort of dare from a workmate.

Grey and his amour, Anastasia Steele, marry in the opening sequence and embark on their honeymoon. This provides tantalising images of the Billionaire lifestyle but it is all downhill after that. What passes for a plot is some stalking and something more sinister from an apparently deranged character.

But very little is developed either by way of character or plot because the film pauses every few minutes for scenes of jiggy-jiggy and/or nudity, but mostly of both.

The dialogue is inane and I felt embarrassed for the performers who had to speak those lines. I guess they were well paid to do it.

Some nice scenery but otherwise nasty, boring and stupid.


  1. From a female point of view I found the first film to be ok. I love Jamie Dornan and I thought that Dakota was amazing in the role and it was very brave of her. I wish they had just decided to let him have an Irish accent or Irish family because he did struggle with the accent quite a bit.

    The first film had a lot of trouble between the writer of the books and the director behind the scenes, mostly arguments about why the director would not do things the way the writer wanted them done. So when it came time for the second and third films she found another director and it seems like he was more malleable to what she wanted, consequently the second film was utter shyte. The sex scenes were terrible and not at all attractive. It was just bad.

    I'll see the third one for the sake of completion but I do not expect much, considering it has the same director as the second. The writing of the books was terrible but the first movie did show some promise I felt, mostly the vision of the director who really fought hard to put her vision on the screen. What a pity it all had to be the writers way or the highway.

    It is a shame because the cast are very talented. I feel bad for Jamie Dornan and I feel that Charlie Hunnam had a lucky escape. He would have struggled with the accent too.

    1. That's very interesting Snoskred; especially being from a female viewpoint too.

  2. I guess Jamie Dornan physique wasn't enough to redeem the bad story line?

    1. Haha AdRad...his physique contributed half a star to the rating!