Sunday, 31 December 2017

15 hours to 2018

Fifteen hours until the New Year and as forecast it is raining in Sydney. This bodes badly for the city's famous new year fireworks but the rain forecast is for morning and early afternoon so hundreds of thousands spectators will hope that the forecast is accurate and that the sky clears by tonight.

In the murk of my zoomed in iPhone camera here is Bradleys Head, visited earlier this year by  Andrew & R, barely visible through the rain. I guess that as usual the location is already packed with people facing the long wait for the fireworks.

Meanwhile on the harbour, off Double Bay, several luxury cruisers are early arrivals for the armada of watercraft that annually packs the waterway for their very special view of the celebrations.

The wash from a Manly Ferry headed for that seaside suburb can just be made out. An easterly breeze at the moment has the two cruisers facing the opposite way from the main fireworks location.