Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Meerkats at Oudtshoorn

(Retrospective post)

Our overnight stop was at Oudtshoorn. There were two scenic options here; the Meerkats or the Elephants. Both were early morning activities and I took the Meerkats. There was no guarantee of a sighting which was dependent on whether the morning would be fine and warm. If not, the Meerkats might not leave their burrows.

Luckily the weather was favourable and gradually these funny looking animals emerged from their burrows. It is a fairly static display given that they spend what seemed to me an inordinate amount of time to satisfy themselves there were no dangerous predators about. For all of the 75 minutes we observed them they were on guard. Eventually they would start on their day's activities which seems to be engaged in burrowing work but we had to move on before they felt sufficiently safe to let their guard down.

Our viewing vehicles
Off to the burrows
Meerkats on guard
More Meerkats on guard
And for something different, Hippos submerged in the nearby lake.

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