Friday, 4 August 2017

A day in Melbourne

A quick theatre day trip to Melbourne. A sunny winter's day. The sun surprisingly warm on my back when the chilly breeze drops away.

Framework on the Arts Centre Melbourne with banner advertising current show
Different angle of the framework with the roof top spire visible
Even with the bare trees of winter Melbourne looks so much more stylish than Sydney. People dress more stylishly and unlike we Sydneysiders wear real winter clothing. No thongs or stubbies worn to the theatre in this town. Also the football religion is so evident. Not in this photo but in actuality countless passersby proudly wearing their team's colours. Essendon Bombers supporters clearly out numbering Carlton Blues supporters.
I tried to capture this spectacular moment ahead of sunset as viewed from atop the Skybus bouncing along the highway to the airport. I failed.
A section of the Qantas domestic terminal at Melbourne Airport on a Saturday night. Only four more flights were listed for departure, including my flight to Sydney, so this must be where some Qantas planes come to sleep overnight. I hope they are well rested for their next flights.


  1. On Saturday R and myself brunched outdoors and I remarked to him how it was odd to feel cold and hot at the same time.

    1. My thoughts too Andrew. I wasn't expecting the sun to feel so warm against my back.