Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Riverboat Postman

I was born and raised in Sydney and have lived something in the order of 52 of my 68 years in this city and yet I had never heard of the Riverboat Postman until last Sunday. Four friends and I took a trip on the Riverboat today.

It makes for a fine day of activity when you include the one hour each way journey between Sydney CBD and the Hawkesbury River at Brooklyn where the Riverboat is docked. We made those journeys by train.

The Riverboat experience itself lasts about three hours. We travelled on the Zarapito. A comfortable enough boat although it could do with some refreshing. At a guess it caters for about 70 passengers.

The hosts serve coffee/tea and Anzac Biscuits for a morning tea and later on a no frills Ploughman's Lunch accompanied by coffee/tea and a chocolate. You can purchase some other refreshments during the journey.

The journey covers a number of islands where the post is delivered to smiling, occasionally eccentric, locals. We were blessed by a lovely sunny winter's day and it was a lovely, peaceful, leisurely experience.

The journey is accompanied by commentary from the Captain who informed us that this is the only Riverboat postal service in Australia.

Highly recommended for locals and visitors.

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  1. I remember hearing or reading about the Hawkesbury River postal service but not about the dining on board.