Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Inna Grand

Our resort in Bali is the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel. Well that is the name by which everyone here seems to know it but I notice the website refers to it as Grand Inna Bali Beach Hotel. The grounds of the resort are vast and mostly well maintained. The accommodation itself is less grand. Once upon a time those buildings were grand and the website's photos, which may date from those times, reflects that. Nowadays the rooms we stayed at need considerable refreshing. None the less our stay was to prove very comfortable and there is much to admire about the resort, especially if you are looking for a leisurely sedate holiday rather than one that is hectic, noisy and on the go. As it turns out, the resort proved to be perfect for our expectations.

We took an early walk around the complex - well, some of it anyway - did a little shopping for nibbles and evening drinks, you know the sort of thing, and got our initial bearings.

Some photos.

The reception desk to our section of the resort
Our rooms were located in this building, with stand alone villas and one of various pools located nearby
The nearby pool with the poolside dining and bar. Our accommodation can be seen in the distance
Beachside, little more than 30 metres from our rooms.
Tower accommodation and more pools located nearby on the resort.
A cultural reference adorning the nearby tower accommodation.
More photos to follow.


  1. At times a place may not be in top shape but other things make up for the lacking.