Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The State

For someone who attends the cinema as often as I do it must be a surprise to others that I have never attended the Sydney Film Festival. Until this year, that is.

I booked to see five films but dropped one because of weather and transport difficulties. I enjoyed the four films I did end up seeing and am inspired to attend again next year.

Three of the four screenings I did attend were at Sydney's magnificent State Theatre. I sneaked a few snaps whilst there none of which does full justice to the venue. The link above has some lovely and better images but here are a few of mine taken whilst waiting for sessions to commence.


  1. We saw a movie there sometime in 1980s, just after it had been restored. It was the most stunning theatre I had ever seen, and by your photos, nothing has changed.

  2. It is a treat to go to the State and I always try to catch something there when the SFF is on.

    Given you are such a filmgoer I'm a bit surprised you haven't gone to the festival earlier. Whereas once it was quite a niche event which you had to sign up for in bulk (I think censorship was part of the problem), with the internet and the means of booking that has enabled the festival has very much expanded its outreach in recent years, including now at numerous satellite venues. In a way that dilutes the experience, but conversely has made it more accessible.

    1. Marcellous, when the SFF was a smaller event I think the notion of sitting through 3/4/5 films in a day was a step too far for me.

      You are correct about the Festival's accessibility. I checked programs, booked tickets, downloaded tickets and had my tickets scanned at venues all through my iPhone. No paper or printer involvement at any stage.