Sunday, 18 June 2017

I Love You Now

Darlinghurst Theatre Company

'I Love You Now' is a two hander, single act, theatre piece. It was written by Jeanette Cronin, one of the performers who is partnered on stage by Paul Gleeson.

Between them, Cronin and Gleeson, play eight characters - I think. Gleeson plays twin brothers, a Priest and a gym instructor. Cronin plays the wives of both brothers, a therapist and another woman involved with one or other or both of the brothers - I think.

The play is about the infidelity of these individuals and how the various relationships change over time.

There are in fact two other performers, musicians, behind a glass wall whose music prefaces and illustrates changes in scenes. The acting is very good but the structure of the play is very complex and we three came away somewhat confused as to exactly what we had witnessed.

Perhaps some surtitles would unravel the complexity?


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