Tuesday, 6 June 2017

'Fawlty' service

In And so say all of us...... I alluded to my latest contretemps with Australia's largest telecommunications company.

What I didn't mention was that I wrote a formal letter of complaint about poor service and non-service to said organisation's Complaints (Department?) as identified in its website. Telstra Complaints has a Melbourne address.

Several days later I received a voice mail message on my mobile phone. The message stated 'My name is Pat and I'm ringing to discuss your letter. Would you please call me back.'  No phone number to reply was provided in Pat's message. So I rang the missed call number displayed as attached to that voice message.

That number is answered by a recorded message which in essence states 'This is a recorded Telstra message. Telstra tried to call you recently. We may attempt to call you in the future. If you have any enquiries please call our general enquiries line (number given)'.

'We may attempt'!!

Needless to say I have received no further calls from 'Pat' or any from the generic 'we'.

Is there any clearer evidence that Telstra is not serious in valuing feedback let alone responding to complaints?

They will be receiving a follow-up letter.


  1. If there is the opportunity, always uncheck the box to say you want a telephone contact. I much prefer written communication. Companies do not. Soothe the customer with a phone call and there is no proper record. I finally managed to post my complaint about seat allocation to Emirates after it being rejected the first time.

    1. Andrew, my initial complaint was submitted by letter not online. I know all about bureaucracies 'resolving' complaints by phone. My follow up will be copied to the Telecommunications Ombudsman.