Saturday, 15 April 2017

Day tripper

While I planned this trip as one of relaxation rather than action I thought that I should spend at least one day of my long weekend in Cairns engaged in tourist activity. Examining the tourist material I found that most of the activity around these parts is just that. Activity.

So many options seemed to revolve around diving whether it be from the sky or under the water. That is not me. In the end I selected activity that involved a fair amount of sitting. That is much more me.

I selected the option of a trip by train. I think Andrew would approve. The Kuranda Scenic Railway was constructed between 1882 and 1891 and runs from Cairns through World Heritage listed parkland to Kuranda, 328 metres above sea level.

Google Maps told me the equivalent journey by car would take 38 minutes but on the train, with two short stops plus a number of very slow passes by scenic highlights, the journey took two hours (each way). Two diesel powered locomotives, painted as Aboriginal murals, tugged fifteen carriages, some nearly one hundred years old according to the commentary.

This is the train I travelled on. Going to Kuranda I was in Carriage No 15, the last carriage. This was the train as it managed the tightest bend on the route.

The train as viewed from carriage 15
There were rain showers about.

The view from Barron Gorge National Park. Cairns is somewhere in the distance
Kuranda Railway Station in the lush heritage park
The return journey
Whilst in Kuranda I explored the township, had a burger lunch and spent an hour on a modest river cruise.


  1. I don't remember the train trip being so long. We caught the 'chairlift' thing up and the train back. Nor do I remember the train being quite that long.

    1. I declined the 'sky train' preferring to keep my feet figuratively on the ground.