Sunday, 12 March 2017


I'm going to be out of step with many people on this one. Despite what some close friends have described as my eccentrically eclectic taste in movies I haven't seen any of the previous Wolverine films.

Faced with the option of seeing 'Logan' or 'Kong: Skull Island' - having already seen all the other screenings at our favourite multiplex - we elected to see the former. 'Logan' had received the better reviews.

Perhaps the third option - see neither - would have been the best choice.

Logan (Hugh Jackman) is ageing and in declining health. He encounters a young 'she-wolverine'(?) and takes her into his care as he battles to reunite her with fellow 'junior wolverines'(?). Well, that is sort of the plot anyway. Technically it is all skilfully portrayed. Too skilful for my liking. The slick editing and sound design had me averting my eyes from the frequent decapitations and body guttering fights.

It was at least an hour too long for me. I don't know which hour, take your pick.

My relief at the film's eventual conclusion was tempered by the banality and complete irrelevance of the lyrics of the song performed over the end titles.

A thrill for the devotees apparently but count me out.


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