Thursday, 19 January 2017


The true story of the Indian boy lost from his mother and siblings in the 1980s who ends up in faraway Australia, adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty years or so later, armed with only the sketchiest recollections of his origins he utilises new technology to track down his birth family.

'Lion' is an extraordinary story all the more so because it is true. Performances are excellent with special mention of the youngster Sunny Pawar who is stunning.

It is a powerful story with emotional moments. Keep a handkerchief handy.



  1. I've heard Dev Patel's Aussie accent is on par with Meryl Streep's in Evil Angel. Am super keen to see this one.

    1. Patel is very good. The young Indian boy who plays the same character as a child is sensational. It is a wonderful film AdRad.

  2. Just saw it today. I was put off because I already knew the story, but it was terrific. Patel was brilliant and if his accent wasn't right, I never noticed. Unfortunately I forgot your last sentence. Fortunately, Gold Class have very good quality serviettes.