Thursday, 29 December 2016


My car registration falls due in January. It spoils the holiday period for me every year. There is the cost of the registration (boosted by State taxes, of course) plus the cost of car insurance plus the cost of compulsory Comprehensive Third Party insurance (another State requirement referred to in NSW as the 'Green slip').

Then there is the, comparatively moderate, cost of the 'Pink slip'; State mandated car inspection pre-registration. At least I don't have to pay for the Pink slip because of an arrangement with the car dealership at the time I purchased the car. All that means I suppose is that the charge for conducting these inspections was buried deep into the cost of the car purchase.

I suspected that my car tyres might draw attention as being a little too worn for registration but I felt it was borderline and I hoped for the best. Tyres, whether new or somehow rehabilitated, are costly to purchase. Unfortunately the inspector decided the tyres had to be replaced.

Oh well. In for a cent, in for (many) a dollar.


  1. The same hit happens for us at Christmas, but doubled for two cars. What can you do.

    1. I suppose I could vary the insurance dates by inserting one short period payment and then reverting to full year payments. Perversely as much as it pains to be faced with so many payments at the same time the upside is that it gets those payments out of the way for a year in one shot.